Thursday, November 22, 2007

Journalism Awards and Greg Dyke

Me and three of the Insider team are off to Leeds tonight for the Northern Journalism Awards. We're shortlisted in five categories - young journalist (David Casey), campaign (Lisa Miles' for our Green issue), team (North West and Yorkshire teams) and business journalist (me). We did well last year (and the year before that, etc) because we had a clear run at the business magazine category. They've scrapped it this year so we're up against the papers, which is tough, because the Yorkshire Post are very good and they do have a bit of a halo about them. The Journal in Newcastle has done well too, especially on the Northern Rock stuff. Neil Tague and Lisa have already bagged a couple of awards this year and would be nice to win some more, but frankly, we've done really well to get this far and I'm very proud of the team for doing so.

I'm also looking forward to hearing Greg Dyke speak. When I covered the TV industry in the 1990s (for this kind of thing) he was terrific to interview. He used to get us down to LWT for briefings and a gossip. An unbelievably good contact to have for a 23 year old reporter. I was appalled that his tenure at the BBC ended the way it did, he was the best director general the BBC ever had.

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