Friday, September 07, 2007

Why England will fail

Quality piece in the excellent Lost In Showbiz column in today's Guardian. I know the motto of this site contains the phrase "be kind" but I think we are being cruel to be kind to WAGs. Not that they could possibly care.

The evil witch of the WAGs - Stevie Gerrard's Alex Curran - writes a column on her vapid life.

A catty dissection is here:

"Steven's away with England," she informs any readers unaware that her husband will be wheeled on in a bath chair and required to bring in the harvest himself during England's forthcoming 0-0 draw with Israel. "So on Saturday I'm having a few of the girls round for an Ann Summers party."

Well, these scheduling clashes can't be helped, I suppose. So while Steven is hopped-up on cortisone and trying not to get in the way of Emile Heskey's turning circle, Alex will be deliberating between sundry Rabbits and 12in dildos.

It would take a special sort of jaded fool to use this knowledge to make some point about England's current impotence or emasculation, which leaves Lost in Showbiz eminently qualified to oblige.

A link to it is here.

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