Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pennine Lancashire - dream no more

Yesterday I popped up to Blackburn for the launch of the new brand for Pennine Lancashire. It's so easy to scoff at things like brands, images, positioning statements and brand values. Especially as they seem very un-Lancashire. But as part of Yvette Livesey and Tony Wilson's work on thinking up new ideas to help regeneration projects with Elevate, the housing renewal project, they rightly concluded people needed to have something bolder and better to aspire to as well as better houses.

This gorgeous new brand includes the most striking contour of East Lancashire - Pendle Hill. Rachel still gets goose bumps when she sees it on trips back. I meet a lot of numpties from the public sector who speak utter rubbish, but I've got a lot of time for Max Steinberg (centre, above). Peter Saville (right) had something to do with it too. Yvette (left) is motoring on this one and we wish her every success in the world.

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