Monday, September 24, 2007

Not such a fun run

It's an appalling jibe coming from an indolent oaf like me, but I have been known to comment to first time long distance runners on hearing of their times - "what happened, did you get lost?"

Sadly, at the Marple 10k this weekend that is exactly what happened. Runners took a wrong turn and ended up lost in a housing estate in High Lane. Competitors were grumpy, angry, bemused and in the case of my pal Wolfie - amused. Some refused to accept their times.

There are two theories doing the rounds. One is that a gaggle of supporters obscured a sign. Another is that some scallies chucked it in a canal.

Personally, I can't believe it was the best thing to do the day after the extremely successful Marple Food and Drink Festival, but Wolfie assures me that the best prep for a fell run is an Archer's pie.

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