Monday, September 10, 2007

The fellowship of rugby

A pal of mine, John Fowler, asked me why I persist in getting our boys "into soccer". I should, he suggested, induct them into the fellowship of rugby. Rather than be unkind and point to John's various bodily disfigurements acquired during a career playing for Sale, England and various teams in New Zealand, I preferred, or should I say, deferred, to John's size: he's about 7 foot tall, see pic here. I would not like to face him on a rugby pitch, or whoever inflicted a nasty scar down his right cheek. So, no, whatever bonds are formed on the playing fields of rugby I won't be taking the boys down the rugby club.

As a spectator sport however, I do enjoy it. I've been to Sale Sharks a few times since Insider got involved, and though I don't follow the game that neatly I do appreciate it's skill and physical power.

Rod Liddle in The Spectator this week - link here - describes it as "a useless game" and "a sport for gay, middle-class cavemen." He goes on: "it is just one step ahead of that most ludicrous of all sports, basketball...the only sport improved as a spectacle when played by paraplegics."

This Rugby World Cup don't have go on though, eh? It started this weekend and ends on the 20th of October. Ridiculous. The only reason I can possibly fathom for such an epic tournament is for so much rugby to be played that the risks by injury could even the teams out a bit. Frankly, that it's the only way New Zealand could be beaten.


Unknown said...

It's a bit of a shame you feel that way about Rugby. For youngsters, Marple RUFC down near the Otters (can't get used to calling it "The Marple Tavern") has a thriving minis section with great plans for the future. Sundays, 10am-12pm, loads of enthusiastic kids and a nice social occasion for the parents too.

Michael Taylor said...

I really respect what clubs like Marple RUFC do. Sincerely. Keep up the good work. It's just not for us. We've worked out recently that between our five sons the football, swimming, karate and multi-sports are costing us the equivalent of a small mortgage.