Friday, September 14, 2007

Ten thoughts on business speakers

Ten thoughts late on a Friday afternoon about speakers at business events. I've seen all sorts, I can tell you. Here are ten.

Best speaker at any event I have ever been involved with: Kevin Roberts (2005, Lowry Hotel), link to his blog is here, but he blew our audience away with his force of ego, power of his message and his adrenline shot of inspiration. Awesome.

Worst speaker at any event I have ever been involved with: Wayne Hemingway telling an audience of Liverpool property developers Scouse jokes, then running a slide show of bad buildings in Liverpool all built by his audience.

Best comic at a business event: Sean Styles.

Business speaker I've seen the most: Alastair Campbell (five, best was at Hyde Town Hall)

Best politician at an after dinner event: David Cameron, CBI in Liverpool 2007.

Worst politician: Charles Kennedy, Pro Manchester 2002.

Best rescue of a night by a regular fellah after the speaker was too pissed to speak: Ken Russell, Pro Manchester 2002.

Best business speaker: I can't think of a better one than Michelle Mone last night. Very good indeed.

Best feeling at a business event: seeing Lisa Miles and Neil Tague light up a room as they both did at different events in the last couple of weeks.

Worst feeling: when a speaker you've booked rambles on and on and on. Or is rubbish. Nighat Awan was rubbish and rambled on and on and on.

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