Friday, September 21, 2007

Ten thoughts on being so flipping busy

Ten thoughts here are a list of ten things I've got to sort this weekend.

It's the Marple food and drink festival this weekend. Should be a cracker. Rather than me blather on about it, please check out the programme of events here.

It's also Rachel's birthday. Present is a surprise, but I think she'll like it.

We've got friends coming over on Saturday and I have only just decided what to eat and drink> It's one thing cooking seven plates of tea for us on a weeknight, it's another doing a dinner party which I've not done in yonks.

Joe is playing for Marple Athletic Under 9s at home this week. He was man of the match last week. So proud.

I've got to sort some things for the Marple Athletic website and get them to Stuart Manley at IF Consulting.

Max and Louis are playing for Marple Athletic under 7s at Curzon Ashton on Sunday. Both played in goal last week, both kept clean sheets.

Got to work out where to meet my Dad at Roverrrs on Sunday. Can we overcome last night's defeat in Greece? How badly will we miss Nelsen?

Got to remember to file my predictions in the Guardian league. Currently tucked in behind Neil Tague in the Insider office league table.

On Friday night we have to sort out diaries for the next month. We are both so busy at work at the moment.

But we also have to catch up with the next few episodes of Spooks on the Series 5 DVD. We're in the middle of the Saudi embassy siege at the moment. Next is this one, here, a personal fave. Best Harry Pearce quote: "Please tell me the finest minds of British intelligence can tell me a bit more about these people than typing "League of Christ" into Google dot com."

And send congratulations pressies and card to my friends Mike and Jen on the birth of their daughter Tabitha.

That's eleven, told you we were busy.

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