Friday, September 07, 2007

Get up stand up

I did my business magazines presentation to the CBI's PR forum this morning. There's no point publishing it as it's the same one I did for the Meet The Editor's event in June. Still, I don't think there was any crossover in the audience.

The other presenters were quite brilliant. I was sandwiched between Phil Jones from Brother (far left) and John Clayton from BBC Radio Lancashire (second left).

Phil was a tough act to follow. He was funny, warm, intelligent and got across a very powerful message about how he works. He talked people through his recent re-pitch process and how he came to appoint Manchester agency City Press.

After me was John. I love BBC Radio Lancashire. I think it's a station with a very clear sense of its audience and what the listeners want. John has an instinctive grasp of what will work on radio and brings a great verve to the art of radio. It's all about people and their stories.

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