Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hi Honey I'm Home!

Back home now after a wonderful week in Italy. So good we're going back next year. Certainly feel good for the break. Here are some random thoughts on being back. Not ten though, too busy.

Rovers are playing well. Took in the Man City game. I kept my counsel on their good start to the season, but I knew it couldn't last.

It was good to see the papers and TV giving Rovers some credit as a footballing side. Warnock and Dunn were both superb on Saturday, I wonder how long it's going to be before they get drafted into the fringes of the England team.

Returning to the real world has been exhausting but fun. Plans are well underway for our new South West Business Insider magazine. The latest North West mag is a cracker. It's our Leaders Lunch next week with Andrew Neil and everyone seems well.

I was dreading the pile of stuff to deal with on my return. According to Lucy Kellaway in yesterday's FT the average person has 600 emails waiting after a two-week break. Management expert Kevan Hall advises you to delete the lot. Anything important will be sent again, everything else wasn't important.

I had a manageable pile of dross to delete in about ten minutes, sorted by sender. The important stuff was then filed into different project folders, where some of it still sits. The to-do list is getting smaller. The diary is getting fuller. The work goes on.

One message I got from an old pal made the ludicrous suggestion that Roger Cashman, the mouthy Insider columnist, is in fact me. Do you honestly think I could write anything as offensive as this.

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