Friday, February 16, 2007

Wayne Hemingway on Holy Moly

I wouldn't normally cut and paste from the scurrilous Holy Moly email. But this is priceless.
A Mole writes: Wayne Hemingway was on BBC Breakfast yesterday complaining that modern housing is not up to scratch and how most of it shouldn't get past the
planning stage because of the lack of thought placed on "community" amongst other things.
Found his preaching a little strange seeing as I'd recently viewed some apartments in Manchester city centre (the birchin) that he had put his name to thus earning piles of cash. The thing is the apartment I was looking at was supposed to be a two bedroomed. Bedroom two wasn't big enough to fit a washing machine in let alone a bed. When I pointed this out to the estate agent showing me round, their reply was that it wasn't really two bedroomed but they had to pretend it was to get through planning. Manchester City Council insist on a certain percentage of all units in anapartment block being 2+ plus bedrooms to attract more families to the city centre. Nice one Wayne Hemingway!

The self same professional northerner and alleged Rovers fan once upset a room full of Liverpool property people with righteous bleating and poor Scouser jokes. I was paying his bill.

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