Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The snake pit of politics

I'd never heard of Fiona Jones MP until the news of her death last week. This story here paints a picture that confirms every prejudice about the snake pit of politics. It's been said on this blog before that most people I've known who are in politics are real creeps. However, two totally sound human beings who I know and who are also New Labour types in Manchester are Ruth Turner and Simon Danzcuk. Ruth's woes are well documented. Simon, I now hear, wants to be Labour MP for Rochdale. He's had death threats for his trouble and someone sent him a wreath. Stories about all this are here. Sickening.
It is also not on to post anonymously on this site naming people as being responsible for any of the above misfortunes. I won't have it. Be honest, be loyal, be kind.

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