Monday, February 12, 2007

Curry in a hurry

We went to Basmati on Saturday night, the curry house located in a hut kind of building opposite Marple train station. It always seems eerily deserted during the week, but gives off an alluring whiff of spicy sauce that piqued my curiosity.

Anyway, it was far from quiet on Saturday; they were queueing outside by 10. The staff were rushed off their feet and initially we overhead some punters grumbling that their food hadn't arrived by 8.30, just as we arrived. If anything our concern was the opposite; we were rather rushed along. Not by a very sweet waiter, but by the manager who was rushing around.

The food was OK. Poppadoms were a bit stale, beer glass smelled of soap, but the rest was good. A nutty lamb balti, mixed sizzling grill, cheesy peas and a damn fine Peshwari naan.

Also pleased to see the Marple Bridge man who was at great pains to tell me he hasn't won the casino bid. It'll come, Ken, it'll come.

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