Monday, February 12, 2007

Have I left anyone out?

A less happy return to Goodison Park on Saturday to see Rovers lose 1-0 to the People's Club. Kids loved it. Elliot sang "Barmy army" all the way through, Mattie said "Dad, I hate Everton", which is harsh and against our sound Christian principles of love and forgiveness. Joe, who's Marple Athletic team won again at the weekend, is learning manager speak: "It's not the end of the world if we lose this, we're still in two cups." I won't reveal how Eamon Curran's daughter reacted to a late goal attempt by Rovers' Brett Emerton.
We were entertained before the game by Sean Styles a local comedian we've booked before. Great Alan Hansen impersonation. Also this: "Blackburn fans eh? You've had some great players over the years. Alan Shearer. Haven't left anyone out have I?"

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Rachel said...

I might cheer and shout whilst watching B*st@rd Rovers but I'll always be a Claret.