Friday, February 02, 2007

Ten thoughts

Last night's race to Blackburn could have been a night in a traffic jam had I not had the foresight to listen to Radio Lancashire's regular traffic reports. The updates and stories through the evening also showed the BBC at its best. It got me thinking, so here are ten Friday thoughts on the subject of radio.

Best phone-in programme: Alan Beswick on Red Rose Radio in the mid-1980s

Best football commentator: Mike Ingham on Radio Five Live

Most negative summariser: Richard Dinniss on BBC Radio Lancashire - "there's just no coheeeesion"

Best radio station in the world: BBC Radio Lancashire

Biggest berk on the radio: Tim Westwood

Best football phone-in: Legends on Century FM, especially when a hysterical Gary Owen is in full flight

Best double act on the radio: Jane Garvie and Peter Allen on Radio Five Live

Last time BBC Radio One was any good: When Chris Evans did the Breakfast Show

Best fictional radio station: Chorley FM, "coming in local ears"

Worst choice of topic for a radio phone-in: Islamic terrorism

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