Friday, February 09, 2007

The Spirit of Radio

I'm not as up to date with rules on media market share as I should be, but the latest award by OFCOM of an FM radio licence in Manchester made me gasp.

RockTalk 106.1 is wholly-owned by The Guardian Media Group. It will provide "a speech and rock music service for 35-64 year-olds, which contains a strong commitment to local news, current affairs and interactive debate for the Manchester area. Comprehensive local, national, world news and information is included, with a wide variety of rock music played during off-peak and Bank Holidays".

In Manchester, GMG now owns the only daily paper (The Manchester Evening News), a TV station (Channel M), loads of weekly papers, it has a stake in the Metro free paper, it also owns two other FM radio licences (Century FM, Jazz FM).

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