Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Get well soon Tony Wilson

My pal Tony Wilson is being treated for cancer which he writes about in the Manchester Evening News today. He rightly praises the treatment he's had from the NHS in Manchester. He's still in good spirits. I sent him a copy of Nick Cohen's What's Left to cheer him up - his reply: thanks for the book bro. You f*cking tory xxx


Ann said...

I watched one of the Northwest programmes this evening when they interviewed Tony I noticed one of his comments regarding strange dreams the morphine made him have. Four years ago I was on a life support machine with pneumonia I was on it for three weeks but the strange dreams I had are still with me. In fact I think it was due to one of the dreams that despite all odds I survived. If you are a friend of Tony's let him talk about these dreams because I feel they are important.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Manc but I've always been fascinated by him. I think he's really brilliant and have been close enough to speak but never have. Just hope he get's better soon because Radio Free Manchester on a Saturday morning is not the same. Please get well soon Tony.

You really move with the best Mike, first Mr Broomhead and now Mr Wilson....

Anonymous said...


Sorry, the requested page has not been found.

All my best to Tony :)

Gary W.