Thursday, February 08, 2007

There be dragons

There is not a flake of snow on the pavements of Marple. I may awake to find a blizzard, but the weather that has engulfed the nation has not come to the North. You would never guess that from the national news. It reinforces the view that we live in a place on a map that the BBC and national press have down as the place marked: "there be dragons".

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Anonymous said...

The country's ability to cope in such circumstances is also laughable.

After a recent evening football match in Hertfordshire (I won't mention the result), I stayed darn sarf for a meeting at the PL the following day.

I awoke to find all of 1cm worth of 'snow' on the ground.

The capital was in chaos with underground (yes UNDER ground) lines closed left, right and centre.

Back to this week, whilst the 'country' is gripped by ice and snow, I'm revelling in the clear skies and clear footpaths.