Monday, May 09, 2011

The Premier League trophy at Ewood Park

Here's a dilemma. Do we go to Ewood Park on Saturday and watch the coronation of the champions? We don't go to every game, but this is one of those you look out for at the start of the season.

I can't see Rovers winning another game this season. Maybe a point at Wolves. But it should be enough. I can even see us staying up on goal difference as 39 points seems to be what a whole group of teams could finish on: Birmingham, Blackpool, Wigan and us. Unless Manchester United stick another 7 past us. I was horrified and traumatised at that awful event last year. I was also grateful no children (of mine) were harmed in its production.


Vinjay said...

No way in hell I'm going even though its the last fixture I would usually ever consider missing.

Something barely anyone has noted 16 years to the day since the last title win. I wonder if Jack Walker even imagined that day that 16 years later Rovers fans would be stabbing him in the back selling their tickets to Man United fans with the chance of securing a title victory at Ewood.

I've been pro venkys as you may be aware but Blackburn Rovers fans could hardly complain if they were bad owners. After all look how the best owner this club ever had is being treated.

I even saw one idiot selling his ticket on Gumtree to "watch Man United win the title" even though they haven't quite done that yet. Jack Walker gave millions to this club and all its worth to some fans is a few quid. Family club what a load of rubbish and you only have to ask Keith Andrews that.

I notice you said on a earlier blog that Hunt being responsible for free shirts and tickets at Leicester (I think it was free shirt and ticket when they reach 7) was in line with Rovers ethos. Well it wasn't across Leicester but the whole of Leicestershire. Well I'm yet to see Rovers do the same across the whole of Lancashire though presumably that will now be part of the plans. Long overdue.

By Lancashire I mean modern day Lancashire. That includes Burnley aren't you married to one of their fans? Yet your kids I seem to recall you saying your kids chose to support Rovers or have no interest in football so there's no reason why kids everywhere including in that area should not be targeted.

Though after Saturday I might just not give a damn.

Savio Mathias said...

Hi Vinjay,

some good observations esp. about what Jack would have thought about rovers season ticket holders selling their seats to Man Utd supporters it makes me wonder do they not remember what happened when Man City visited Ewood & claimed promotion to the prem. their actions are disgraceful and hope they get a lifetime ban from the club as they are putting innocent people's lives in danger. I also agree good to have Paul Hunt on board that is a very good idea about the shirts I only hope my one dream comes true & that is Rovers to announce Kingfisher as their next sponsor as looking at the mock-up of the kit it looks really nice & is a great lager to boot!.