Monday, May 02, 2011

The death of Bin Laden

It has been a momentus day. I can never celebrate the death of anyone, but I can well understand the mood in America right now.

I was last in the US on September the 11th 2001 when I flew out of Dulles Airport to Manchester. I'd spent a few days taking in the history of the nation's capital. The sympathy for and solidarity with America quickly waned for many, but never for me.

Here are a few pieces of analysis that seem particularly apt today.

Christopher Hitchens on Pakistan, even on the BBC 5Live news this morning the High Commissioner was splitting hairs over the location of Abbottabad, the military garrison and the ISI protection of Bin Laden.

More questions on What Pakistan knew? in the New Yorker.

Jason Burke - What is it with Pakistan? Book review in Observer yesterday, very timely. And his obituary for OBL.

The location of his compound in Abbottabad. If I could find it on Google Maps so easily, what took the CIA so long? (irony alert).

The New York Post news feed.

The Prime Minister on UK Forces in Afghanistan site .

And recorded for posterity, President Obama's video news announcement.

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