Saturday, May 21, 2011

No-one likes us, we don't care

And so, the end is near. According to Engineering Sport, there are 81 different scenarios that could play out tomorrow. In 9 of them, Blackburn Rovers go down. In fact, it's even more complicated than that. A better goal difference could yet be our saviour.

I'll be there at Wolves enjoying my free Venky's subsidised pie and pop. I haven't got a portable radio to take and mobile 3G phones just don't work in large crowds. No doubt there will be false information floating around - there seems to be a rogue radio station that gives out incorrect football results on days like these.

I half expect Fergie to play Alan Keegan up front, Neville Neville, David Gill and a couple of the Glazer brothers. 

There was something on the radio today about who the neutral could have reasons to wish well. Mick McCarthy and the potential of the sleeping giant of Wolves, Roger Johnson and the Big Eck, Dave Whelan and Roberto Martinez and then there's plucky little Blackpool, everybody's second team. They probably have the goodwill of everyone - people have warmed to "Ollie" and Charlie Adam and their swashbuckling style that has been a "breath of fresh air" to the Premier League.

In contrast to all of that you just don't sense any goodwill towards Steve Kean, Venky's, our small support or our style of play.

No-one likes us, we don't care.  I hope it creates a powerful siege mentality amongst the players that will serve the club well on such a critical day.

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Steve Haake said...

The latest from the sports engineering 81 scenarios blog is that Rovers chances of relegation are around 5% but still finite and real.

No-one likes us at the moment and probably not even ourselves. I want to be proud of the guys and the team but the Venkys takeover has left a sour taste in my mouth.

But I will be glued to the TV with my other Rovers mates; as long as we don't lose, we are pretty safe. So, if we let a goal in, start sweating. Would like to say, wish I was going with you, but I'm not sure which is more nerve wracking.