Sunday, May 22, 2011

An act of sporting excellence that leaves me baffled

OK, I admit it. I'm a pessimist. Despite a Premier League win, three promotions, a Worthington Cup, a Full Members Cup, a decent run in Europe, some semi finals and plenty of wins over local rivals, my sense of doom about Blackburn Rovers, carved on my soul in 1981 at Eastville, and branded again 8 years later at Selhurst Park says - we're an unlucky club.

I've just got back from Wolves. Two thoughts have dominated today. The first is how pleased I was, purely for reasons of personal security, that Wolves stayed up too. I got a bit of shoeing near that subway in 1982 and didn't fancy a moody walk back to the station at my time of life.

But the main thought was about that first half performance. Rovers didn't just edge out a nervous home side, Wolves were crushed by a superior mindset, better skill, better technique and a thoroughly professional performance. Every single player did their very very best and proved their worth as top class players. You think then, why? oh why? have I spent the last week being grumpy and tetchy and worried for the future.

Had they displayed that sort of quality at home to Blackpool, Newcastle and Birmingham then there would have been a very different dimension to the run-in. So different that the magnificent support today would have stayed at home.

That leads you to the final shock of the day on checking the league table and seeing that Rovers finished 3 points behind Bolton and Stoke who have been lauded for having "excellent" seasons. Sure, they both did well in the cup and have faded towards the end, but this Rovers team was always capable of doing better than fighting for scraps. They are so much better than this. I hope that performance and the support today has convinced a lot of them to stick around.

Today isn't the day to call time on Steve Kean, to rail against Venky's, or to make demands. But it is a time to set the bar for what is acceptable. A great deal this season hasn't been good enough, in fact it's been quite disgraceful - including several dismal performances under Sam Allardyce and several under this bloke.

Today gave us all a glimpse of what we have a right to expect - even a miserable old git like me.

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Savio Mathias said...

Michael yes I agree with you yesterday was good in that first half. Wolves were totally outplayed and deservedly we went in 3-0 up. With that group of players they have proved they can perform much better than what they have shown us. However, to improve that performance needs to be produced on a more consistent basis. Although after that 2nd half I don't think my heart could take another 2nd half like it. One major question if any of our other managers had managed to go 3-0 up at half time do you honestly believe the score would have ended up 3-2?. Who do you think it was down to that it became so nervy at the end. Even from where I was sitting I could tell for that 2nd half Rovers were defending far too deep. Hence, the reason why we needed to push out but Kean/Jensen could not see that from the touchline?. Then you state we are much better than this we probably are. The fact remains to achieve what Venkys want in terms of finishing top 10 with a decent squad this squad needs freshening up. We need better players Venkys have got the dosh they now have to splash it. They need to bring established Prem.Lge or international stars. Players who can take us to the next level particularly a 15-20 goal a season striker or 2. Before anyone says it I would not trust Jason Roberts to bring up his lunch let alone bag that many goals a season. You say lets not call time on Steve Kean or rail against Venkys. I agree with you there Venkys are the money men so no argument there. Then when should we express our opinions on Steve Kean so when is the time?. As stated we all want to be fighting for Europe & the upper echelons of the prem.lge. Do you honestly think any decent player will really want to sign for some clueless numpty?. Who is not experienced at managing top sides?. As many have said you only attract decent players if you have a decent manager. Do you honestly believe this club will move forward if it has to rely on certain members of the team to give team talks? Why do you think Avram Grant got sacked?. Kean's lack of tactical nous is quite shocking. This is shown up clearly by the clueless numpty trying to sign Roque Santa Cruz permanently. There is only one place RSC should be sent is a residential home for the sick & elderly. To be brutally honest how such a crock has the cheek to ask for £90,000 a week is quite frankly amazing to say the least.I wish I could get £90,000 a week for warming the subs bench must be a nice life for him!. Now is the time that the season has finished to ask the questions that people need answering. Now we are safe for another year we as fans have a right to have our say & expect honest answers from Venkys. For instance how could a once promising season turn so sour? Judging by his record since Kean has come in can they not see his record his just not good enough?. I was discussing this with supporters of other clubs and have come to the conclusion. Mrs Desai has cloth between her ears or Steve Kean must be the 3rd Rao brother in disguise!

Rant Over.