Saturday, May 07, 2011

Dirty Leeds

Who owns Leeds United? Well, it turns out that Ken Bates does. If I was forced at gunpoint to say who I "think" really owned Leeds, then I'd offer up Ken Bates and would suggest he's owned it for the last few years. The paper trail will point to the Forward Sports Trust and some other offshore entity which he said he didn't own, and he didn't know who controlled them. Now he's bought them for an undisclosed sum from undisclosed owners.

Anyway, if you are interested in this nonsense, then have a look at this quite extraordinary interview on Yorkshire Radio, where he attacks David Conn, a journalist I've worked with and respect enormously. He refers to David throughout. First by saying he has no interest in him, then describing him as "our international enemy in the media".

Here is David's response. But don't bother reading the comments underneath. I did and I will never be able to get that time back. It's like being sober on a stag do.

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