Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Manchester tribes

I was going to rattle something off about how annoying I found this in the Guardian. It's a guide to Manchester tribes as an intro to people from outside the city coming to the Manchester International Festival. Actually, it's quite funny and rather than being patronising, you just have to see it as a start.

Here are a couple of mine:

Heirs to Burgess: 60 something men and women, linen, tweed or cord jackets. Learned and fun loving, enjoying a second youth after kids have all grown up. Live in the city centre or Didsbury. Will go to absolutely everything.

Reluctant sponsor: 40s or 50s man, in business, usually property or the law. Jeans, shirt undone two buttons. Was never quite hip enough to be hanging out with Hacienda Man, would probably be seen checking his Blackberry at the back of Sinead O'Connor as his (younger, second) wife asks when she's going to do the Prince song where she cries.

Peak people: Bergaus and North Face fleeces, checks and denims. Stout walking boots and rucsacs. Live in somewhere like Hayfield or Mellor. Will go to everything at the festival, and especially the free events where the kids can eat organic ice cream.

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