Monday, May 30, 2011

My predictions summed up - rubbish

I didn't do very well in predictions this season. I gave up in the two prediction leagues I joined. My start of season punts, which I link to here, had Manchester City down to win the Premier League which topped a litany of mistakes. It's a good job I don't bet.

In my favour I, like most people had Blackpool to go down, but also West Ham. Full marks there. I had Norwich down as dark horses in the Championship, mid table for Morecambe and Accy Stanley in League Two and a rotten season for Stockport County.

Here's how the Premier League ended up:

1. Manchester United (I said 3rd)
2. Chelsea (ooh, correct!)
3. Manchester City (I said 1st)
4. Arsenal (I said 5th)
5. Spurs (I said 6th)
6. Liverpool (I said 4th) - but hey, I got the top 6 right.
7. Everton (ooh, correct!)
8. Fulham (I said 12th, underestimate Sparky at your peril)
9. Aston Villa (I said 8th)
10. Sunderland (ooh, correct!)
11. West Brom (I said 16th)
12. Newcastle United (I said 13th)
13. Stoke City (I said 17th)
14. Bolton Wanderers (I said 9th, I do rate Coyle)
15. Blackburn Rovers (I said 11th, Venky's eh?)
16. Wolverhampton Wanderers (ooh, correct!)
17. Wigan Athletic (I said 18th, sorry Mr Whelan)
18. Birmingham City (I said 14th, thought they'd do something good)
19. Blackpool (went down, correct, but better than anyone expected)
20. West Ham United (went down, correct)

In fairness, there is a predictability to the whole miserable greed league. There's nothing remotely clever about that top six prediction, or the bottom end of things. It will be the same next season.

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