Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Trouble at mill

I never went to Kelly's Night Club in Marple, round the back of Goyt Mill, but it has now closed. It had started as a snooker club and restaurant, but in March 2000 the owner extended the licence and it changed the use of the premises to being a night club. It was very popular with, er, the younger crowd.

There was noise on the streets afterwards and residents in Hawk Green were getting upset, as reported here, but no-one has forced the club to close. The situation over the summer months got better. The police were more visible at closing time, the club had been making an effort to check for under age drinkers and the colder weather probably hastened kept people off the streets.

Some residents were considering seeking a review of the licence, but the decision to close was down to Terrence Kelly, the owner.

There is a rumour that Goyt Mill itself has been sold. I put a call in to Peak Gas Properties, the owners, who said it very much isn't, and that they are very keen to attract new tenants to the site.

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