Monday, January 14, 2008

Facebook - what lies beneath?

My pal Andy Coyne warned me: Facebook is a CIA plot. Have nothing to do with it, mused the wise Brummie.

This piece in the paper today is excellent. A flavour is here:

So by his own admission, [Peter] Thiel [Facebook founder] is trying to destroy the real world, which he also calls "nature", and install a virtual world in its place, and it is in this context that we must view the rise of Facebook. Facebook is a deliberate experiment in global manipulation, and Thiel is a bright young thing in the neoconservative pantheon, with a penchant for far-out techno-utopian fantasies. Not someone I want to help get any richer.

We've banned access to it at work and I deactivated my account a few months ago. I didn't see the point, frankly.

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