Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Load up on guns...

...Bring your friends. Lots of stories about new gadgets are emerging from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There is a downbeat view from the Daily Telegraph, here.

But while handheld gadgets may have proved hard to trump the iPhone, the real story has been the arrival of car makers at the event for the first time. An upbeat American view is here.

Then there is very attractive sounding product (story from GQ):

The latest oddity from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the iTaser, which combines an electronic stun gun with a 1GB MP3 player. Rick Smith, founder of Taser International, is quoted in the Guardian as saying, “Personal protection can be both fashionable and functional”. GQ.COM would suggest wearing your iPod headphones for maximum mugger-surprising potential – if tasers weren’t illegal in the UK, that is.

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