Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Had a belting night last night with Kevin Roberts and 20 or so others at Lancaster Royal Grammar School. The theme of the evening was to explore work life balance and work life integration. Kevin has put some of this on his blog, here. Suffice to say things quickly moved on as the food and wine flowed. I certainly didn't have much balance by the time we got back to the Sun Hotel on Church Street (excellent place, by the way).

As Phil Jones from Brother UK said in an email today:

What a splendid evening last night, it had everything! Great food, entertaining guest, business, laughter, gambling, banter, stories of school days and a great mix of lovely, intelligent people. It was really memorable, thanks for the invite.

Or this from Laura Wolfe:

I had a fantastic evening wonderful company, great food and fascinating discussions I felt honoured to be included.

Or this from Mike Finnigan:

I had a great time last night. I really did enjoy myself and wanted to thank you for your kind words about me. I was obviously not expecting you to say anything about me and was really enjoying listening to what you had to say; when you got to the ‘another person I would like to mention…’ the last name I was expecting was mine!

Then there's this from Dave Riley:

Just a quickie to say thanks again for inviting me to the Dinner last night. I had a really great time despite the fact that every hour, on the hour, this in-bred piss head would religiously stumble through my bedroom, knocking things over and talking to himself!

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