Sunday, January 20, 2008

Popped Britannia

A love of music - your music - is by its very nature hugely subjective. Lists in books and magazines have to be consumed with that wary eye on thewriter and the intended readers' prejudices.

We only caught the last of three of a promising series on BBC4 - Pop Britannia. By the end I was angry and aghast.

The climax of pop - as it is defined today - is Girl's Aloud, Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys. To then trace that lineage back to punk, which the programme did was ambitious. To fail to even get a train through Manchester at all, remember Two Tone, or Glasgow in the 80s, or to acknowledge dance music in the 1980s just left me thinking "what a waste".

I must remember to get out more, because telly is getting worse.

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