Thursday, March 08, 2007

Transforming experience

To the Hilton Hotel, Manchester for a full day business conference starring two of the world's leading business gurus - Charles Handy and Tom Peters. The pair complement each other very well, but have never been on the same bill before.

It was a wonderful experience and I can heartily recommend it. Peters was like an adrenline shot. Much of what he said, by his own admission, is common sense. Sometimes you need that. His slides from the day are here. Best quote: If you bang your head against a brick wall and then walk away, you're a quitter. Do it ten times and you're an idiot.

Charles Handy was different. I've read his book The Empty Raincoat and probably forgotten most of it, but his delivery was quieter than Peters, but no less thoughtful. His gentle social philosophy was a wonder to share. Best quote: "Do your best at whatever you are best at."

PS Thanks to the Northwest Regional Development Agency for organising my place at the conference. Lunch with the bossman has been regarranged to next week.

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