Friday, March 02, 2007

Ten thoughts on crappy days

Like I said I've had better weeks. I fell over at Manchester Airport on Tuesday and my elbow still hurts. Not only that but I didn't end up going to where I was hoping to due to airline incompetence. I did a talk to a very unresponsive audience later that evening, had all sorts of things cancelled during the week, missed the Rovers match on Wednesday, including this goal, here, got stuck in traffic yesterday, missed a meeting in Liverpool, then the rest with that comedian chap, see below.

You have to laugh. You really do. And I know I will look back on this and laugh. It could be worse, I could be a Virgin Cable subscriber who filled his car with Tesco petrol. Anyway ten shitey annoying things that have happened, over 15 years ago, that I can laugh about now.

* Got my first car vandalised by a National Front psycho in Lancaster city centre. Had to drive round with NF scratched on the roof of my Mini until I could afford to get it resprayed.
* First week of the second year at University, walked into a wall in my student house in Manchester cutting my head open. Still got the scar.
* Missed my Second year Sociology of Something Tedious exam because I got the day wrong.
* Got on a train to Leeds by mistake, instead of Lancaster, had to change at Miles Platting, took an hour to get back to Victoria
* Jibbed the train all the way to Blackburn, 1986, for a crucial relegation match V Grimsby, only to find it was off.
* Got the bus back - it took two hours. Missed the start of a big night out.
* Went to the rematch, ripped my jacket climbing over a fence at the end.
* Got shells stuck in the car engine on a beach in Western Australia, had to get help. Got rescued by a family of racist Londoners "still bad with the blacks back home?" "Can you let us out here next to this arid desert please, we'd rather walk."
* When working at EMAP 1990 ish - had a few quiet beers after football, followed by several noisy ones - fell asleep on the last tube to Clapham, woke up in Morden. Left kit, filofax, keys, money, everything, on the tube. Got a taxi - had to wake up flat mates to pay. Awful.
* Due to an appalling mishap in the EMAP admin department had no hotel in Las Vegas during NAB convention week, had to stay in Econo Inn at the arse end of the Strip. Rooms by the hour or the week.

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