Monday, March 05, 2007

Tea at the Three Fishes

The first person who ever alerted me to the best pub in the world ever, The Three Fishes was my pal Alec Craig, who was trying to sort out lunch and beers before the hair raising trip to Burnley in February 2005. It's owned by fellow Rovers fans Craig Bancroft and Nigel Haworth, who also do the excellent corporate facilities at Ewood Park. That day we ended up going to the Fence Gate, and Alec still hasn't made it.

We had a family outing visiting family in East Lancs yesterday, topped off with tea at God's own pub. Once again it was a triumph. The best thing about it is the attitude to kids. Not only are they welcome, which to be fair, we are in most places these days, but the belief that kids can love proper food, not just sweet mush. There's a zeal about the place that isn't just a good place to be, but represents something positive and proud about Lancashire and about quality food. Also lunching with his family yesterday was Carl Fogarty.

Nigel wasn't on site yesterday, he was at the Reebok Stadium watching Rovers win 2-1, report here, with his mate Paul Heathcote, a fan of the losing side. I know this because just as we were sitting down to order, coincidentally, Alec phoned with a report on the game. Superb. And just the best place to toast such a sweet victory.

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