Friday, March 02, 2007

One of those nights

I can't believe I've failed to blog all week. I guess it's been one of those weeks. We held our Merseyside Property Gala Dinner event last night at St George's Hall in Liverpool. Dougal Paver has reviewed it from the perspective of a paying punter.

To St. George’s Hall for the fabulous insider property gala dinner. Star turn was Warren Bradley, leader of Liverpool City Council and self-styled ‘business champion’. Before him lay an open goal: 520 leading property types with a combined borrowing capacity running in to the billions. And he didn’t miss.

You can read the rest here.

As the event host and compere, my own personal recollection will be forever tainted by the memory of introducing the final part of the night, the comedian Jason Manford (pictured). As the crowd politely applauded in anticipation I looked in horror at the place next to the stage where Jason had been stood five minutes before. He wasn't there. I had to fill for what seemed like hours - though it was more like a minute. I froze. The horror, the horror. Jason did appear, he'd been to the toilet, and thankfully he was very good. He even told a few gags I'd never heard before (joke).

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