Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fly the Flag

For a variety of reasons we haven't ventured to Old Trafford today - though we will be there in two weeks time for the semi-final against Chelsea.

Also there will be this blog's flag, which was delivered during the week. Parading it in the garden is Joseph, with aching limbs from a nail biting 2-1 win over Stockport Vikings.


Nick Morrell said...

Good luck in the Semi against Chelsea. Had a great day at Old Toilet last season when we played Chelsea in the Semi. Wonderful stadium, good atmosphere as long as Manure aren't playing.

Kate Fox said...

Nice flag - is it one of barmy charlie's?

Michael Taylor said...

Sure is! What a delight he was to deal with. I designed it on screen, told him about the rose motif in the middle and off we