Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Attack dogs

During a tidy up of the blog late last night I came upon a rant I'd not seen before buried in the recesses of a tale of a day trip to Crosby. It wasn't just the untended dogs of Crosby beach that soiled my boots, anonymous of Liverpool also wrote:

Or the one that a wearingly predictable anti-Liverpool Manchester bigot manages to "see" more crime and disorder in a single daytrip to Liverpool from his home in North West crime capital, Manchester than I have seen in years in the city? You visited Crosby for pity's sake - it's not the inner city. Nevertheless that someone who is the editor of his purported "North West region" is so ignorant and prejudiced about one of the two biggest cities in the "region" his magazine is meant to cover - it confirms yet again the insanity of Liverpool ever being reported by Manchester-based media operations.

Blah, blah, blah. The full unexpunged rant is at the end of this posting here.

I do rather tire of anonymous postings on blogs. Norman Geras has simply given up allowing people to post on his site, so weary did he become of uncivilised outpourings. I don't get as much abuse as Norman, but all I do is tell it like I see it. We had a crappy day made crappier by scallies. Our car was atacked. I got shite on my boots. The statues were awesome, the beach was full of rubbish. The pies were superb. Fact. Facts. Facts. Get over it. Two weeks later I came to a similar conclusion about scrotes in Manchester city centre.

The main point though is that what I say about one place on one day therefore has any bearing on what I think about the city in which I work, or an innate superiority that city has over Liverpool. Can I expect a rant from annoyed of Preston about my tale of woe following the accident on the M6, pointing out that we have traffic jams in Marple as well?

No, it appears that someone just doesn't like me very much. Doesn't like my magazine, doesn't like Manchester and can't get past the bitterness that seems to infect so many people in this country, whether they post anonymously, or not. I can live with that, whoever you are.

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