Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great weekend in Rome

Rome was fantastic, a really amazing city. The proximity of ancient and modern is mind blowing. We packed so much in to the short time we had, but there is still plenty left to lure us back again.

For us the highlight was probably the Scavi Tour, a guided exploration of the tombs directly under St Peter's basilica and including a view of what may well be the tomb of the first Pope. The entrance into the church itself was breathtaking and unique to our small group of 12. We climbed a small staircase and were immediately faced with the amazing spectacle of the epicentre of Catholicism in all it's glory.

I've done reviews on TripAdvisor for our hotel (not great), and two restaurants (one brilliant, one OK).

An open top bus tour took us from one essential stop off to another, but we pretty much walked everywhere, within reason, and just enjoyed soaking up the energy of the place; stopping off for a drink or an ice cream whenever the mood took us.

We love Italy and for us the most gorgeous Italian experience came when we had dinner at a small neighbourhood restaurant near our central hotel. As it filled up with families and couples we started to soak up that love of family, food and conversation. Italy is sometimes so chaotic that it's maddening - and you occasionally get glimpses of why the country lurches from one crisis to the next - but there was a real sense of what matters most.

Thanks to everyone who sent us tips, either on email, through the blog, or via Twitter. All very useful.

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