Sunday, September 18, 2011

Open your mind, read some, learn some

There are yet more events emerging that provide an intellectual stimulus to Northern life. The Manchester Literature Festival is almost upon us - I love it's stubborn and insolent commitment to highbrow writing and poetry - Latvian Poetry night and a refusal to cede to a slightly showbiz tendency creeping in at other book festivals, such as Hay.

That said, the gatherings are fun. I had a lovely time at the lunch on Wednesday - there's a piece about it on the MLF blog here. I was very flattered to get a couple of mentions in Kate Fox's poem about the festival. I'll link to the video when it's up - mine went a bit pear shaped.

I'm chairing a discussion on the 18th of October about Prize Culture at the Anthony Burgess Centre. Here are the details. Please support festivals like this, I think they raise the bar of life and culture in the North.

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