Saturday, September 17, 2011

First win for Rovers

I never got round to writing a post saying all the reasons why I wouldn't be going on the Kean Out protest today. I think it was negative and pointless. It had all the potential to get ugly but I'm so so glad it didn't. The people behind it are well meaning and passionate, but, I feel, wrong. I don't think Steve Kean is a Premier League manager, but he's all we've got at the moment. He's actually a symptom of the misrule of Venky's, not the root cause of the problems.

But anyway, the real reason I wasn't going on a pre-match protest, was because I wasn't going to the match. This is our season of being part-timers. It's a wider lifestyle choice, part of my falling out of love with football generally and its elevated status of being THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - LIKE EVER! and, I confess, I'm massively frustrated with the situation at Ewood Park. Something has had to give in our lives, there is more going on than I can possibly explain here, but it feels better already.

But, I was thrilled to follow the match today. And I look forward to watching it later as the first game on Match of the Day. This really is a season of surprises.


George Dearsley said...

Put a smile on my face, certainly. Two Arsenal own goals. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

My youngest lad, Harry 6, was gutted that his game was off yesterday morning, because of the torrential rain. To cheer him up I said I'd take him to Ewood Park to watch some Premiership football. What an afternoon we had! Great entertaining game, all the more enjoyable for me not feeling the emotional turmoil of watching Liverpool. Harry absolutely loved it. We were in the Riverside and got absolutely soaked, but it never spoiled the afternoon. What did amaze me though was when, 2 minutes from the end, with Rovers winning 4-3 but under great pressure from the Gooners, people were leaving; hundreds of them! Ruining the view for those of us still in our seats, trying to enjoy what we'd paid for. That said, it really was an entertaining afternoon's football, better than watching my own team today.

Michael Taylor said...

Nick - we used to be on the front row of the Riverside - with the Haslingden branch of Combat 18 sat behind us and a day trip from Care in the Community on our row. The early leavers drove me mad. Every week it was the same. It's one of the reasons we moved to the family stand.