Sunday, September 18, 2011

When in Rome

We're off to Rome next weekend for Rachel's birthday, just the two of us. I've only ever been to the eternal city on business, visiting a TV studio run by the Vatican, hanging out with some lads from Sony Italia and staying in a grim airport hotel. And that was 12 years ago. Any tips, hints and advice will be very gratefully received - a bottle of Barolo for the best one.


Anonymous said...

Check out Trastevere, its a district just south of the river Tiber, lots of history, almost like a small italian town within Rome. Meieval sqaures and some good bars and Pizzerias. We ate at Da Ivo - excellent and inexpensive Pizzeria (for Rome!)

For a great lunch , try Sora Margherita in the Jewish Ghetto area just north of the Tiber and close to the Forum. It takes soem finding but it is very good and a real experience. looking for the address, I found this piece about it:

Avoid eating anywhere around the Piazza Navona or Trevi Fountain. Tripadvisor is your friend. Have a great time - Buon Viaggio !

Anonymous said...

A couple of places to recommend - firstly the cafe on the top floor of Castel Sant'Angelo is a romantic spot for coffee if not over-run by tourists and the view is great.

Secondly and slightly less well known, the Basilica of San Clemente is a great combination of church and archaeological dig, with a 3rd Century church in the basement. Really interesting and quiter than most of the other Basilicas in the city centre.

From Richard & Michelle your next door but one neighbours - your blog introduced the world of Marple to us!

p.s. you can have some freshly laid eggs for free anytime you like.

Michael Taylor said...

Thanks - these are amazing tips - wonderful.