Monday, October 03, 2011

Venky's invite fans to India - but will they listen?

More grim news from Ewood Park. Two defeats before a nonsense trip to India. I genuinely despair. Steve Kean has been given money in the transfer window to build a team, though my understanding is not that much money changed hands for the likes of Yakubu and Scott Dann's deal was on the never never.

Even after Saturday, the moment has passed to demonstrate for his sacking. The bigger problem is we have a club with no infrastructure and no management team. The PR stunts the owners are involved in are a joke - flying fans over to Pune for a meeting is just stupid. And why are they continuing to do interviews about footballing matters? - successful owners never do that - Jack Walker didn't, Abramovich doesn't, Sheikh Mansour doesn't. They are making a laughing (chicken) stock of Blackburn Rovers. But as well as the fans who are going over to Pune, I understand that they are also meeting with a serious Rovers supporting bloke, who would ordinarily make a solid chairman or even take an executive position. But this guy has met them once already and was ferocious in his criticism of them. It would suit the Rao family to have such a figurehead, but he wouldn't risk his own personal credibility being a puppet show in this circus.

It's my understanding too that Jerome Anderson is still very much in the picture.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Steve Kean is not the problem, he is the symptom. The sooner Venky's take the job of ownership seriously, realise the limits of their expertise, appoint a management team who will give them credible advice and not rely on advisers and agents who line their own pockets, the sooner they will realise he is not a proper manager - and find someone capable of doing it properly. Until then though, they'd probably sack Kean and replace him with Leonardo di Caprio.

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Samuel James Wilson said...

Very true and very well said my friend! The longer all this goes on the harder it will become to make any kind of rescue from relegation possible.