Friday, October 07, 2011

Tim Edwards

I've just been for a long walk down Marple golf course to try and make sense of a rotten week. It's significant because it was the place I last spent a proper amount of time with my friend Tim Edwards, who died last weekend.

As the obituary notice here says he was only 46 and leaves a loving wife Gale and two daughters Carla and Ellie. It also paints a very accurate picture of the Tim I knew: funny, warm, clever, unorthodox and quite brilliant at what he did. But what has also come through from the other people I've spoken to about him was that he was a true friend; someone who was loyal and kind who had a capacity to listen to people's troubles and offer a friendly word. He took his responsibilities as a supportive friend very seriously.

He was also incredibly honest. If he thought something was rubbish, or someone wasn't good at what they did, he wouldn't waste time being diplomatic, he'd tell you straight. I found that very refreshing.

What is particularly upsetting is that Tim died while out cycling; training for a trip to Italy he was planning. He was one of the fittest 40-somethings I know. He ran marathons, he had captained Leeds University football team and he was still very was active, he wasn't a big drinker (in fact, on our golf trips to Portugal he was a lightweight on that score). He looked lean and healthy.

I struggle to find any words of comfort at times like this. But there is a reservoir of love for Tim and a deep sense of loss and hurt from everyone who's life he touched. He was a remarkable man. His life was too short, horribly short, but that love we feel now and that loss we feel is a tribute to the mark he made. Rest in peace, my friend.

Tim's wife Gale has set up a page where you can add tributes to Tim and asked for donations to a special charity at the Salford diocese. You can donate here.

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Helen Smith (nee Prior) said...

I would just like to say how sorry I was to learn of Tim's death. I grew up with Timothy (as we called him then) and Michael two doors down from him on Rigby Street, Ashton in Makerfield. My love goes out to his wife and children and to Auntie Renee and Mike. Love Helen Smith (Nee Prior - sister to Andrew/Ian/Sandra) x