Friday, November 07, 2008

Travelling army of synthetic supporters

There's a new book out about Subbuteo. A link to a review is here.

Around 1980 we used to have mega tournaments round at Peter Corke's house. The final would feature Brazil v Lancaster City and other such delights. Great days.

It's also recalled very well in this song by Half Man Half Biscuit - You Tube link is here. Some background is here.

Insider even featured two figures on the front cover in December 2002.


Nick Morrell said...

I prefer the 'Whistle Test' version on youtube from around '86 don't you? HMHB often playlive in obscure places like Ulverston Coronation Hall.

Daftnessabounds said...

With the pitch on a wallpaper pasting table the wide players struggled with the game and ended up on the floor causing some route one football long before Wimbledon.

Steve Highway always struggled to get the crosses in for the permed Geordie. And Noel Brotherstone well !!!!

I always got palmed off with the headless centre forward and the goalkeeper with no arms and a face like yours.

Seem to remember somebody always playing in red and one in blue. But who flicked to kick and who knuckle shuffled.

The famous fouraside team from Lancaster Chigleys skins was named from 'time flies by' being founded some years after Scotforth Celtic in a kitchen on the monkey rack. They were still going playing in the Salt Ayre league until recently with all original members now retired off.

Cherry Hinton Blue said...

Ah, memories! Here are the full lyrics to All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit if you want the complete experience...

Michael Taylor said...

Nick - welcome back - and Snowy too! Brilliant. This is what open blogging is all about. Superb.

The OGWT link is: