Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jumping for joy

At a junior football match a couple of months ago me and Matt celebrated a goal from Joe with a little too much exuberance. He's a defender and doesn't get up the field much. And it was 8-0 at the time. The other team's manager gave us a look and muttered. I felt bad. We played his team yesterday and I meant to express some contrition.

His team pulled back a 3-0 deficit at half time to draw 3-3. He seemed to enjoy the moment, so I let it pass.

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Anonymous said...

Economic Crisis, Vat giveaways, TiF bids, travel chaos - who cares!

It's the really important things that matter; my son played nearly the whole game at left-back yesterday and his team won 7-0 through two hailstorms, horizontal rain, thunder and a brief bit of sunshine - Magic!!