Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rugby confusion

I really enjoy going to the rugby. Really. But I can watch a game of rugby and be enthralled by the sheer physical brute power and athleticism on show, but still fail to understand any subtlety of the game whatsoever, or understand any of the rules at all. And so it was last night when Sale Sharks beat Leicester Tigers.

Another thing that baffles me. The Miami Dolphins are called that, because they are based near the ocean. The Dallas Cowboys reflect the Texan preoccupation with cattle. I have never seen a Shark in Sale, or a Tiger in Leicester. Quite what they should have been called isn't my problem, but it just adds to the whole sense of confusion I have over rugby.


Anonymous said...

I can't speak for Leicester 'Tigers' but you must have heard of 'The Sharks' and 'The Jets' of 'West Side Story' fame? (No sharks in New York either!).... Well Sale Sharks is the name of the 1st team and Sale Jets is the name of the 2nd team.

I hope you are less confused?

(A.K.A. Basque-ing Shark)

Anonymous said...

So what's the connection between Sale and Bernstein's classic?

Unknown said...

After Sunday morning church, come down to Marple Rugby Club and watch the boys and girls from 7 upwards play. They play something called the continuum which takes them through increasingly complex versions of rugby. It's a great programme. Have a look at which I run on behalf of the Junior section. Although you failed to come through on your promise of getting Martin Johnson to mange the squad (seems he had a better offer!) there's ome mileage in seeing another part of the community spirit around Marple you might not be aware of.

By the way, I was able to locate Phil Jones through your blog...I used to work with him 10 years ago at Brother before I joined HP!