Thursday, November 06, 2008

Colour clash

I'll be honest, I think Wayne Hemingway can be quite funny. It hasn't always been so. But now that the internet can't even find the reason why I should be affronted by him, I can forgive and forget.

This however, is ace. Especially when you read the comments below.

A flavour is here:

You will not find the colours of Burnley FC in anything inspired by the Blackburn design guru. “You won’t find anything in those colours designed by me, certainly not clothes and not even to this day in my other work.”

1 comment:

Wotstadoo said...

Good one Wayne, a man after my own heart!
Reminds me of the original Roverstore days when they sold Club branded sweets (pear drops, humbugs etc.). You never found a claret wine gum in the bags they sold there!