Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dirty tricks

Andrew Simpson, managing director of Peel, and a leading figure in the campaign against the congestion charge, said at one of our events last week that he has been horrified at some of the things that have gone on.

I know what he means.

Take this, for example:

An advert produced by supporters of the Greater Manchester Momentum Group, which portrays a young woman being assaulted because her father was unwilling to pay the Congestion Charge.

The advert, filmed at Peel Holding’s Trafford Centre, was apparently produced by Sonassi Media, supporters of the Greater Manchester Momentum Group.

The video purports to show a women pleading with her father to collect her from the Trafford Centre because she fears she is being followed by a potential assailant. Her father refuses because he states he cannot afford to pay the congestion charge. The woman is subsequently assaulted.

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Anonymous said...

The scenario may be in bad taste. But it could happen. What's the big deal? We are allowed scary ads of people suffering horrific injuries to promote firework or road safety. Why not to promote freedom to use the road for personal emergencies?

Of course, if my daughter were in distress, I would collect her regardless and appeal the fine for charge non-payment in Court on the grounds I was saving life. But not everyone would be so assertive...