Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Football predictions half way through

It's been hard to turn my blogging hand to anything football related, but here's a progress report on my predictions for the season so far.

1. Manchester City (spot on, time for another new star on that laser blue shirt!!)
2. Chelsea (overestimated)
3. Manchester United (there or there abouts)
4. Liverpool (overestimated)
5. Arsenal (slightly underestimated)
6. Tottenham (slightly underestimated)
7. Everton (overestimated)
8. Aston Villa (overestimated)
9. Bolton Wanderers (underestimated)
10. Sunderland (ish)
11. Blackburn Rovers (ish)
12. Fulham (overestimated)
13. Newcastle United (ish)
14. Birmingham City (ish)
15. Wolverhampton Wanderers (overestimated)
16. West Bromwich Albion (ish)
17. Stoke City (underestimated)
18. West Ham United (ish)
19. Wigan Athletic (ish)
20. Blackpool (worst prediction of the lot, but still think they'll go down)

Other predictions: Real Madrid to win the Champions League, Liverpool to win the Channel 5 Thursday night cup. (Can still both these coming off).

Manchester United to win the FA Cup and Chelsea to win the Carling Cup. (Well that's wrong)

Morecambe and Accrington Stanley to be mid table, but Stockport County will do well to stay out of the bottom two. (I'll stand by that. Shrimps struggled, but will be OK, Stanley have masses of games in hand and County's squad is pretty thin).

What I couldn't have predicted was just how low the prestige of the game has suffered, yet again. Rooney, Tevez and the way these Indian muppets have behaved at Blackburn Rovers. It beggars belief and makes me embarrassed when I show how much I care. I can safely predict there will be more scandal, sleaze and greed to come.


Vinjay said...

Well those Indian "muppets" will be making actual funds available next month! Evil! So maybe the parochial sheep can keep chanting Jack Walkers name and claim to stand up for him (because obviously he would have loved seeing the club starved of funds under our adored previous owners) when they are the ones who have mocked any kind of "think big" mentality over the last few years. How dare Blackburn Rovers sack a manager like that has never happened before.

Oh and good win today wasn't it? Not saying Kean is going to be Mourinho calibre based on one win but I never insulted his integrity or management skills based on his first 2 games. I have no doubt you will be eating humble pie at the end of the season along with the other anti-venky fools.

Question for you how many times under the management of wonderful Allardyce did Rovers score 3 away from home in the league?

Probably won't see this comment added since you blocked me on twitter. Don't know why you added me in the first place surely you knew what to expect.

Michael Taylor said...

Well Vinjay, your continual needy shrill spoutings - exemplified in this post - is exactly the reason why I have no wish whatsoever to have you on my Twitter feed, or you to join in mine. I have enough drivel on there as it is, but your particular brand of nonsense is wearisome, idiotic and worse of all, boring.

Just when you threaten to make a good point and a useful contribution to a debate, you ruin it by being offensive and rude.

Maybe Venky's do have a plan. Maybe they will be proved right in the decision to sack Allardyce - but they have behaved like muppets so far.

You lash out and slur everyone who disagrees with you. Where have I insulted Steve Kean's integrity or management skills based on his first two games? I haven't. I called him a novice manager. He is.

No, I won't be eating humble pie if this works out Vinjay, I'll be pleased because I support Blackburn Rovers. I was frequently critical of Sam's hoofball, but felt the manner and timing of his sacking was badly handled.

And why on earth do you so blindly believe everyone else is a "fool" to come to this logical conclusion?

I don't intend to give you the satisfaction of censorship as this is an open blog where I welcome comments as long as they are clean and not libellous, or spam.

Unlike you I have my professional and personal profile laid bare. I have my photo up too. You don't, you just snipe from behind your internet identity. Who are you? What do you do? What gives you the right?

You have painted yourself in a corner again. Lashing out at everyone with insults and slurs. Grow up.

George Dearsley said...

In calendar year 2010 (i.e. jan-Dec) Blackburn 7th in points per game table. Interesting.