Friday, December 10, 2010

That's me in the Corner (house)

I'm unconvinced of the merits of the Cornerhouse moving to First Street. Writing on Manchester Confidential Jonathan Schofield has it bang on in a tidy review of the food, here; it is in a fantastic location for a coffee house and "salon". The last time I had lunch there in the excellent cafe it was with Mike Emmerich, the cleverest man in Manchester, I also remember the old BBC Radio Manchester Saturday radio programmes where we'd watch the world go by and talk for an hour or so. None of this is to even touch on the films, exhibitions and drinks I had there in my student days from 1985-1988.

But that doesn't mean the cinema and exhibition areas can't work in a new location, it will just have to be pretty special. And it starts to make the current Cornerhouse site a very intriguing location for a new bar or cafe.

The site the Cornerhouse and the Library Theatre are moving to was originally earmarked as Manchester's new home for the BBC, let's not forget.

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