Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cable theft - one for the coppers

I had a wretched journey home tonight, all told it took two hours. Our train had to turn back at Guide Bridge and I had to get another one to Marple and then walk to Rose Hill where my car was.

The problem is "cable theft". People robbing cables from the side of tracks and selling the copper. Apparently this is a growing problem and is likely to cause more train delays than leaves and the wrong kind of snow.

There's a growing violent anger towards the train company at the moment. The trains ARE horrible, the staff can be surly and rude, but I felt tonight the driver and the guard were in an impossible situation and did a decent job of letting people know what was occurring.

But to return to the cable theft business - it does come with hazards. The British Transport Police are employing drones to track down culprits with some success, and one thief nearly got fried. There's more here and here.


Oscar said...

Yeah aren't Network Rail and/or the BTP using Smartwater Technology which catches the culprits that steal the railway cables? I'm surprised no one has got fried alive with them not knowing electricity powers 1000s of volts through the rails.

George Dearsley said...

Put 100,000 volts through every cable with a big sign overhead saying "touch this and you are deead!" JOB DONE.