Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

Here are this blog's highlights of 2010 based on the ten most common categories.

Blackburn Rovers - The jury is out on the wisdom of the long awaited takeover. Sacking the manager, hacking off the fans, miffing the captain and losing at home to Stoke wasn't a great start, but change can be turbulent. Beating Burnley at Turf Moor was as good as it gets, getting hammered by Manchester United and Manchester City (in January) was gut wrenching. 

Marple - the biggest issue locally has been the store wars. The deli rivalry has raised the bar for food in the centre, but seems quite civilised. The food festival was brilliant.
Commuting - It's been generally OK, but when it's bad, it's very, very bad.
Jokes - I had the honour of working with Jon Culshaw, Jimmy Carr and Justin Moorhouse this year. All were really good blokes. Very funny, but ultra-professional. Also saw Jason Manford, Michael McIntyre and Peter Kay in the space of a week. 
Blogging - Kept up a decent run rate and the unique visitors are still sufficient to keep it worth doing. A few old favourites have stopped altogether, or are virtually lapsed.

Book review in a lift - One Day was brilliant. A masterclass in popular novel writing. As Richard Bacon said, how can you care so much about two characters who don't even exist?

Friends - neglected our friends as usual. Great to see John, Rachel, Ruth and Michael Dixon in Cornwall, but we can't be doing so bad as we've been Godparents twice this year. Dom's 40th in Munich was as good a lad's trip as I've been on.

Food - The Red Lion has been our favourite restaurant as a family, a real treat on our doorstep. We did a decent run of reviews, but I don't really have the time. Kids liked Nando's.

Politics - I expected a coalition government led by the Conservatives, and I think the new government has done well to stay together. The tuition fees issue could mortally wound Nick Clegg, if not his party. The real test is how they deal with events, Cameron seems determined not to waste time, as he believes Blair did.

Telly - We devoured the Thick of It and Mad Men box set on DVD. I thought Sherlock was very good. Any Human Heart was probably my favourite drama series. Best comedy was The Trip.  Least favourite show but most watched, still Match of the Day and the dismal line-up of Shearer, Hansen, Lawrenson and Lineker. Get rid, BBC.

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Savio Mathias said...

ok I know the result vs the mackems was bad and performance was woeful but today another dawn comes about I have to say when I heard the news I thought it was a practical joke but it is the stuff dreams are made off if we somehow signed Ronnie from under the noses of Chelski,Utd,City & L'Arse I would be totally made up and would probably move back home & get myself a season tkt. & get a shirt with his name on it. As they say it is nice to dream!